MP-27М Over-under

MP-27М  Over-under
MP-27М  Over-under
Item Code: APG-310
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IMZ’ most popular classic gun enjoys the merited reputation among professional and amateur hunters. Within 40 years of quantity production over 2 million guns have been manufactured, design qualities of which are perfected up to the highest level of reliability.

Owing to excellent balance, stable accuracy, simple and dependable design, the MP-27М guns by their technical data and field performance are in line with the guns of higher price level.

The MP-27М guns are distinguished by easy handling and high degree of safety, provided by:

barrels made from high-quality barrel steel
chrome-plated bores and chambers to enable the increased corrosion resistance
simple and dependable design of locking mechanism
impactless trigger release (double-trigger option only)
safety device equipped with additional hammer interceptors to block the sears
Barrel blocks are made both with fixed or screw-in chokes that allows to choose a gun for various hunts and sports events.

Stock and forend are crafted of high-quality walnut or beech.

Extended line of options and makes of MP-27М can perfectly satisfy the demands of most exacting buyers and allows selecting a gun with various properties.

On order all MP-27М versions can be supplied with an extra barrel unit.

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