Item Code: APG-81
Calibre: .222, .223, .243, .308
Price from: £3663
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A new and unique suppressor concept for the Helix, Merkel offers a specially developed suppressor barrel and attuned to to this barrel is a novel over-barrel-suppressor, while offering good noise dampening, does not elongate the gun any more than a Helix with a standard barrel.

The Helix suppressor barrel is only 450mm long and can be inserted without the use of any tools – with the screwed on suppressor, the linear bolt-action rifle only measures 1070mm in total. The 19 mm thick semi-weight barrel possesses a special, durable coating and a metric 15×1 muzzle thread. The short, thick and vibration resistant suppressor barrel provide a minimal change in accuracy while shooting with and without the suppressor.

The most eye catching feature of the suppressor barrel and over-barrel-suppressor combination is, that the 220 mm long suppressor only lengthens the gun by 100mm. Using this design, the suppressor collars backwards over the muzzle. Especially while stalking or hunting from closed up high stands this advantage of short length will find its followers.

The suppressor is made of aluminium. The Merkel suppressor is available in three calibre groups (5.5-6.5 mm; 7.0-8.2mm and 8.5-9.4mm) The noise reduction varies between 20dB and 29dB – depending on the calibre, bullet type and barrel length. A reduction like this already decisively protects the human hearing, as a reduction of 10 dB feels only half as loud as normal. Also the weight convinces: The consequent lightweight construction only adds 390 grams to the guns standard calibre version.

Aside of the muzzle blast, the suppressor also dampens the muzzle flash and reduces recoil – thereby making it more pleasant to shoot, by taking away the disturbance of the muzzle flash and the flinching because of the hard recoil. The biggest advantage however, the suppressor protects the hearing of the hunter, the dog and third parties. Merkel offers the Helix Suppressor as a complete package, but also single Suppressor barrels and suppressors.

Available in all calibres, the Alpinist comes with the following features as standard:

Bolt head with six locking lugs
Manual cocking lever
Direct trigger
Integrated picatinny rail
3 round magazine
Sling swivels

Mini: .222 Rem.; 223. Rem
Standard: .243 Win.; 6,5x55SE; 270 Win.; 7×64; .308 Win.; .30-60 Spring.; 8x57IS; 9, 3×62
Magnum: 7 mm Rem. Mag.; .300 Win. Mag

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