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Magtech is trusted in more than 90 countries around the globe. They are focused on setting the standard performance the world over and achieve this objective through better ammunition quality test management.

Today, the most important step to improving ammunition quality is advancing test management practices beyond old-fashioned methods. The general goal of test management is to define, measure and track quality goals. As a state-of-the-art ammunition company, they take quality control and test management to an extreme level. In addition to computer modeling, they have designed, developed and constructed the most innovative mechanical and imaging inspection systems and integrated these processes throughout the manufacturing process. To complete the overall quality control procedures, they function test, torture test and field test more than five million rounds per year to insure their world class quality standards.

As an industry leader, Magtech strive to anticipate their customers needs and make their shooting experience better. Magtech’s state-of-the-art ammunition operations are totally committed to providing quality ammunition solutions and outstanding customer service to our faithful shooters, hunters, law enforcement and military. They believe their job is not only to ensure that they continue to live up to the high standards they have set, but more importantly, live up to the standards their shooters have set.

From plinking to competitive shooting, hunting to personal defence, law enforcement and military, our complete line of high-performance ammunition continues to raise the world standards for dependability, accuracy and on-target performance.

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